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Workshops and Retreats

Biodynamic and Organic Farming

Finca Luna Nueva is a living classroom equipped with hundreds of species of fruit, vegetable, and medicinal plants, sheep, goats, buffalo, cattle, poultry and pigs, extensive biodynamic composting facilities, classroom space, mandala garden, library, and an extensive list of prestigious guest speakers.

Courses, Retreats and Workshops in the Holistic Healing Arts

At Luna Nueva we can facilitate and arrange specialized retreats, training classes and holistic workshops for those interested in Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Self Empowerment, Laser Therapy, Aromatherapy with Organic Essential Oils and other healing arts modalities.

Past Retreats

Finca Luna Nueva Lodge has produced many workshops and retreats on a variety of health and eco topics.

A list of some of our past healing workshops is available.

Upcoming Retreats and Workshops

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