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Perezoso Magazine

The Gastronomic Journal of Finca Luna Nueva Slow Food in Costa Rica

Live Slow and Prosper is the perfect motto for the Slow Food movement in Costa Rica as well as life on the farm. In our first issue of Perezoso The Gastronomic Journal of Finca Luna Nueva, you will meet Carlo Patrini, the enigmatic founder of the international Slow Food movement, and Chef Ernesto Spinelli, whose culinary career began in Italy decades before there was an entity to celebrate good, clean, and fair food. We will introduce you to some of the roots of Central American cuisine, and share the recipe for one of Chef Ernesto's creations. If you are not yet a member of Slow Food, we think Perezoso will inspire you and highlight the importance of this food revolution.

The Gastronomic Journal of Finca Luna Nueva 150 Years of Rudolf Steiner

To commemorate RudolfSteiner’s 150th birthday, we dedicated this issue of Perezoso to his 1923 lecture on the importance of bees. Part Goethean science, slightly loopy metatphysical cosmology, anthroposophy, and a lyrical, poetic animism, this lecture will cause you to fall in love with bees in a new, surprising way.

The Gastronomic Journal of Finca Luna Nueva Sacred Seeds Indigenous Knowledge

Sacred Seed sanctuaries preserve biodiversity and ancient traditional knowledge. This issue of Perezoso celebrates the alliance of Finca Luna Nueva with other Sacred Seed sanctuaries around the world – most notably the Hosagunda Sacred Seed Gardens in India, and the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Some of the prime movers in this push for seed preservation and food sovereignty – Vandana Shiva, Peter Raven, Tom Newmark, and Steven Farrell – will inspire you to view the importance of this mission (which affects every single person on the planet) in a whole new light.

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