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Reviews & Testimonials

Luna Nueva Blog — Our online journal written by members of the Luna Nueva hotel team providing regular information on events, activities, experiences and more.

Mara's BlogWant to know what daily life is like at Luna Nueva? Check out a Blog that a North-American student wrote as a journal during her internship from June-August 2008. Read about tropical adventures with dancing butterflies, lip-stick trees, spirited tai chi, and so much more.

Sheva's 2008 Blog — A recent Intern at the Costa Rica Hotel Luna Nueva Lodge writes about her adventures in the jungles, the forests and the wilds of Costa Rica.

Michael Cavanagh - An Enlightening Farmstay Deep in the Costa Rican Rainforest

Ashley Koff - Sacred Seeds The Secret To The World's Health Future.

An interesting article on the Sacred Seeds Sanctuary by acclaimed Nutritionist Ashley Koff after a recent visit to Hotel Finca Luna Nueva Lodge.

Kat Sunlove- Pests in Paradise: Biodynamic Gardening in the Jungle


Published Reviews of Luna Nueva

Costa Rica Star News — Press release about Luna Nueva.

Tico Times Feature Article — Natural living at Finca Luna Nueva

El Financiero Feature— Una cita orgánica y vegetariana

St. Louis Business Journal - What a great article this is about our own Tom Newmark, one of Finca Luna Nueva's owners.

St. Louis Jewish Light-  Working to preserve Central America’s rain forests


As one can see from articles such as those featured in the Tico Times and Healthy Living, the exceptional efforts of Luna Nueva are captivating and inspiring local and international audiences alike.

The Tico Times March 14th 2008 W9-10 Finca Luna Nueva Shares Healing Potential of Foods, Herbs with Visitors by Janiva Cifuentes-Hiss

Healthy Living April 2008 pages 20-22 A New Chapter for The Children’s Eternal Rain Forest by David Steinman

The following links will download a pdf copy of the selected articles.

Revista En Espera — Disfrute del ecoturismo en una finca biodinámica

Travel with us Luna Nueva - Agenda Del Turismo Vol. 5 °2 page 16 

El Jardin Semillas Segradas by Ruth Goldstein  Life Peak October 2007 pages. 58-60 by Ruth Goldstein

Park Wilson - Viva Tropical view more

Your Travel Choice Seeking Positive Changes: Biodynamic Farm Internship at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge, Costa Rica view more

THE 10 BEST ECOLODGES IN COSTA RICA  Just 16km from the Arenal Volcano, this good-value ecolodge on an organic herbal farm is at the edge of a 200-square-kilometre conservation area of primary rainforest. view more

Change Your Scenery by Alyssa DeButts

Pioneers in Biodynamics in Costa Rica by Karen Davis- Brown

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