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About Us

Company Mission

"To provide a hosting service, cuisine and quality educational tours offering our guests an unique experience in harmony with nature, sharing our expertise in biodynamic and organic production."

Company Vision

"To be recognized nationally and internationally as a tourist business using sustainable practices and environmental preservation."

Finca Luna Nueva is a living classroom where people of all walks of life can come to study and learn. This is the essence of what makes this place so very special: diversity. Biodiversity of the rainforest and the bright assortment of individuals that find their way to us.

The tapestry of Finca Luna Nueva has been woven with nothing less than miraculous individuals, both local and foreign, integrating to create a place to teach and inspire.
The farm is alive with energy and excitement from the biodynamic method we employ and by the sacred bond we have with the land and the preservation of our most precious natural resource: the rain forest.

We honor the farmers of Finca Luna Nueva who, largely unseen by the world, are contributing to the seed-saving and organic movement and supporting rainforest preservation.

Progressive farmers, scientists and teachers worldwide come to Finca Luna Nueva to experience the “beating green heart.” These thinkers and philosophers are attracted to the energy and nutritional density of our food and the phytochemical richness of our biodynamic herbs.

Currently, Finca Luna Nueva is developing projects and tours that include working with raw, biodynamic cacao (our farm is the only one is the area resistant to a fungus that has spread here from Asia), extensive permaculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, fresh tea classes, yoga, making fun treats like ginger candy and Mamochino “frutas de rollos.”

We are the home to a beautiful conference center where people can come to work and play. To meet our farm and our people is to love our farm and our people.
We are more than just a farm or just an eco-lodge. Finca Luna Nueva should be a destination for universities, graduate students, professors, scientists and anyone who wants to learn more about where their food comes from.
Finca Luna Nueva is strikingly beautiful. There is an eco-community here that has evolved into one of the largest medicinal herb gardens in the world, Sacred Seeds. We have trails through the rainforest and the wildlife corridor that is getting more and healthier as Luna is working day and night. We are continuing to purchase land along the Chachagua River and in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.

We are so excited for you to learn more about us. We welcome inquiries, visits and questions anytime. We anticipate an exciting working partnership with you.

Welcome to our home !





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